Let Your Voice Be Heard

Congressman Mike Pence released the following video, urging all Americans to rise up and let their voices be heard in regard to the Pelosi health care plan. Yes, the video is outdated when considering the Health Care debate, but the message is just as necessary today as it was then. We have to speak up to protect our way of life before Washington completes their Transformation Of America.

Make Mine Freedom (1948

Knowing that this video was made back in 1948 and still applies today shows us how long Progressives have tried to transform America. If it our Constitutional Rights were being challenged all the way back then, and if the principles still apply today, then don’t you think we should be concerned about this and pay attention? Don’t you think we need to Stand Up as Patriots and let our voices be heard?

We The People Stimulus Package

This video was made in 2009, and yet the problems are getting much worse.

The Second American Revolution

Liberty would never have been established in America if it were not for the Patriots who stood up for what was right and not for what was easy. Many of them lost much, including their lives, to give us what we have to day. Now many of us seem to be complacent and unwilling to protect that which was so hard to obtain. As Patriots, we MUST Stand Up for what is right.

We MUST protect America from the enemies within as well as those who come to America with the desire to destroy her. Do we know who the enemy within is? Could it be our own government? Of course we have those in government that have a different vision for her than we do. That has been the case since the inception of this country.

Who are the enemies coming into this country to defeat us? Are the Muslims in the country the enemy? It depends on what they want from us. Do they want to uphold the Constitution or do they want to continue the evils of Shariah law that abuses women?  Is it the people who want to put a Mosque near ground zero? It depends if they are sincere in bridging the gap with the community or if it is specifically meant to claim victory for 9/11/2001. As far as the Muslim religion presents itself, it appears that they ARE NOT the enemy.

Is the enemy in al Qaeda cells in the U.S. as well as other fanatical organization? Of course, but they may appear to be normal neighbors. They don’t usually stand out and will appear to be a model citizen. They could appear to look just like you and me.

Is the enemy someone who is seditious and wants to rebel in violence against the government. You better believe it. We must protest nonviolently and stay within the law. Doing otherwise will cause the President to evoke Martial Law and suspend our civil rights and the Constitution. If that happens, we can toss Liberty right out the window.>

The enemy can be you and me if we don’t remember what we are fighting for and we do not have a clear agenda for bringing about change without violence. Yes, we MUST protect the Second Amendment to own and bear arms because we need to protect our families. As a last resort, weapons may need to be used to protect Liberty…lets hope not!

Please watch the Judge’s great videos below on how Liberty was established. Yes, extreme situations demanding extreme response but hopefully that won’t need to happen today.

The enemy is Communism, One World Order, Marxism, and Tyranny. Don’t ever forget it. However, the youth don’t know the dangers of Communism and are leaning towards it. History may repeat itself through our own children. We must educate them and explain to them what America stands for and compare it to what Communism stands for.

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