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I don’t want to appear to be an alarmist or a savvy marketer because I have products to sell. I want you to understand the threats we live under and give you a way to mitigate your concerns.

We have government trying to control our ability to grow food, we have Monsanto messes with seeds and genetically altering them, and we have FDA not doing a good job or regulating safe food. What better reason do you need to grow your own food?

I am trying to assist you who live in apartments and have little room to grow food to get a small and economical greenhouse. The problem is, at least what I’ve been able to gather from what people are saying, people are not worried about tomorrow. The aren’t concerned about food supply or saving for a raining day. This attitude seems to be the consensus of people today.

What about weather disasters? Do you have food and water to get you by for a few weeks. I know about this because I had power go out for three weeks when we lived in the mountains in 1990. A terrible snow storm dropped three feet of snow in an area that usually gets no more than twelve inches. Life would’ve been miserable if I had not stored, food, water, supplies, and extra water in 5 gallon containers for flushing toilets. I’ll have to tell you that story some day. I think you will find it very entertaining.

Look at the amount of suffering of the people from Hurricane Katrina, and all the flooding going on throughout the U.S. now. What if we had an earthquake like the one in Chili or Haiti? How would you feed your family?

Think about worst case scenarios that might affect your food supply: such as an EMT (Electromagnetic Bomb) that makes all electronics and modern life disappear; the dollar crashing and causing rioting in the street because people are hungry; terrorist attack like 9/11 that takes out our water and poisons our food (i.e., dirty bomb)?

With the unemployment rate and bankruptcy increasing, perhaps it is wise to store something. Again, we had to use our own food storage in between jobs and we were blessed because I had prepared. It really makes a bad situation easier when you have prepared for it ahead of time.

Please, not for me because I barely make a dime, but for you and your own peace of mind, check into my store. I am paying $25  a month to service this site until I can set up my own, and the sales I’ve made are pretty close to none. She any rational human being would have closed down the store by now but I don’t because I keep hoping people will see the urgency and go to the store for their supplies.

GO TO SHOP.OURDAYSHOPPING.COM, also see OurDayShopping.com Blog for emergency information (I am still working on the information for all the states), News.OurDayShopping.com, and Specials.OurDayShopping.com for discount coupons. I had set a deadline for a discount on the seeds and greenhouses but will extend it one more month because of this post. Please use this site to get set up NOW. I see very dark days ahead and I hope you see the risk as well.


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