Don’t take my word on the state of the economy, let me give you an opportunity to view what the experts say and then you make up your own minds.

These videos have to do with the state of the dollar and why it will crash. What do you think will happen in our country when the dollar crashes? What do you think the alternative monetary resource will be to replace the dollar?

March 2010; Dollar Crash: Ron Paul’s Cryptic Warning 2010

The World Is Broke? Peter Schiff – June 7 2010 – Look For A Dollar Crash

August 2009; Celente: Revolution next for U.S., He says there is NO Recovery…we’re going into a depression.

October 2009; Gerald Celente The Demise of the Dollar 07 Oct on RT

January 2009; Total World Economy Collapse

December 2008; Max Keiser World in Deep Recession

March 2010; Ron Paul-The Fed Is To Blame For The Financial Crisis

July 2018; Death of the Dollar – must see!

October 2017; The Ultimate American Dollar Collapse

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  1. chris langham
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    Soon, gold is going to $5000 a troy ounce! It could be a couple more years but the USD is going down and the price of commodities like gold is rising. Knowing how high is difficult to predict, but Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers have already correctly predicted the current $1200 and the $5,000.00 future price. Throw your TV out the window and read more online, instead!

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