Speak Up

We can no longer be the silent majority. The founding fathers depend on us to protect what they gave us. We can’t do that if we are silent. We must speak up for what we know is wrong and needs to be said.

Remember This When You Vote

Remember This When You Vote

As I have been saying for years now, “The Plan” is to transform America and bring her under “One World Order”. When America falls, it will force us into a a horrible condition so we will accept Socialism/Communism. Many others have been saying the same thing but they are seen as “Fear Mongers”, Seditious, and…

Update From TEA Party

WE KNOW THAT CELLS OF ISIS ARE ALREADY IN AMERICA AND WAITING TO STRIKE!!!!! The intent of this post is to highlight a few points that will stick in your mind so you stay focused on the course at hand.  There will come a time when we will have to stand up and be counted for whose side we…

Obama Did Give Shahada Hand Signal

Below is a video proving the Shahada hand gesture President Obama used in the pictures shown in this report (posted by Associated Press) is a Muslim signal that they are making a commitment to Allah as the only true God. This report involved extensive research to prove that Our own President (a man who claims to be Christian, a man who supposedly follows the God of Abraham) used a gesture that is commonly used by Muslims.