Teach Patriotism to Children

Teach Patriotism to Children

Why are favorite stories about American history (such stories as “Bunker Hill” and “Midnight Run of Paul Revere”) now being challenged by our educational system and replaced with a different story instead?

Could it be that they (you decide who “they” are) want “falsehoods” in history corrected or is it that somebody wants to teach children that patriotic stories from history are lies and that parents and educators in the past were liars?

Obama Did Give Shahada Hand Signal

Below is a video proving the Shahada hand gesture President Obama used in the pictures shown in this report (posted by Associated Press) is a Muslim signal that they are making a commitment to Allah as the only true God. This report involved extensive research to prove that Our own President (a man who claims to be Christian, a man who supposedly follows the God of Abraham) used a gesture that is commonly used by Muslims.