Judith Sherman

I became active in political points of view after September 11, 2001. Before then, I paid little attention to the news and politicians activities.

I learned a lot about Politicians and the games they play after watching the hearings on C-Span and other cable stations when President Bush requested possible use of troops.

It seemed I was always yelling at the television when I heard something on the news that I knew was a lie or a misrepresentation of what I knew to be true. About that time is when I began to be very vocal about what I knew and believed, which lead to writing blogs for the past two years.

Writing blogs gives me a way to tell people the other side of the story; as I remember hearing or from my own research. The more I learned, the harder it was to keep quiet and not tell people about what I knew.

I do not expect everyone to accept what I say or to agree with me. However, I do expect to ignite a passion inside of people for this great country we live in and for being a patriot. If nothing else, I am sure you will come away appreciating my passion for these things, if not for my point of view.