Judith Sherman

I became active in political points of view after September 11, 2001. Before then, I paid little attention to the news and politicians activities.

I learned a lot about Politicians and the games they play after watching the hearings on C-Span and other cable stations when President Bush requested possible use of troops.

It seemed I was always yelling at the television when I heard something on the news that I knew was a lie or a misrepresentation of what I knew to be true. About that time is when I began to be very vocal about what I knew and believed, which lead to writing blogs for the past two years.

Writing blogs gives me a way to tell people the other side of the story; as I remember hearing or from my own research. The more I learned, the harder it was to keep quiet and not tell people about what I knew.

I do not expect everyone to accept what I say or to agree with me. However, I do expect to ignite a passion inside of people for this great country we live in and for being a patriot. If nothing else, I am sure you will come away appreciating my passion for these things, if not for my point of view.

Did Putin Help Trump

NY Times News reports today that the email dump on Friday that embarrassed Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz might have come from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.  Is Putin helping Donald Trump win the election?  That would be interesting and begs the question “WHY?” would Putin want Hillary to lose and Trump win.  I will let you…

Return America to the People

Why do you think this administration is bringing in plane loads of illegals and releasing illegals back into our communities, even those they know have been convicted of violent crimes? Only one thing makes sense, to stack the deck in an election in order to stay in power. Is this the America that citizens fought a civil war for or fought in foreign lands for–giving freedom to other people living under tyranny? I SAY NO!

Face the Nation-Gun Control

Most Americans believe Politicians (particularly those who want gun control) who think interfering with our ease in purchasing guns (particularly assault weapons) is the solution to preventing future mass attacks.  In other words,the philosophy appears to be that guns are the problem and not those who buy the guns.  However, people like myself believe regulating guns instead…

It’s Good That Trump Will Take America Backwards!

Hillary says that Trump will take America backwards and divide the American People. I say, how stupid does she think we are? Her and President Obama have done more in the past eight years to divide America, promote racism, and move America straight into Socialism/Communism and to the demise of our American Way of Life. Of course we want Trump to take America backwards to a time when people had values, jobs, patriotism, common willingness to take care of the poor in their communities. So YES, please Mr. Trump, take America backwards to restore the America that honors the good in our nation.

Republican Party Clueless

Republican Party Clueless

 They just don’t get it! The main reason there’s even a “Trump Problem” for the Republican Party is the Republican Party itself. The Party is so far removed from the voice of the American People that there’s no tolerance left for their rhetoric anymore. I have not been writing much the past year because I have…

What Voters Should Do Now

I know many disappointed Americans are having trouble dealing with election results, making ridiculous claims that they will move out of the country or vote Democrat, but that is just stupid talk and will not help the situation. Let me tell you what I believe we need to be thinking …