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It’s Good That Trump Will Take America Backwards!

Hillary says that Trump will take America backwards and divide the American People. I say, how stupid does she think we are? Her and President Obama have done more in the past eight years to divide America, promote racism, and move America straight into Socialism/Communism and to the demise of our American Way of Life. Of course we want Trump to take America backwards to a time when people had values, jobs, patriotism, common willingness to take care of the poor in their communities. So YES, please Mr. Trump, take America backwards to restore the America that honors the good in our nation.

Remember This When You Vote

As I have been saying for years now, “The Plan” is to transform America and bring her under “One World Order”. When America falls, it will force us into a a horrible condition so we will accept Socialism/Communism. Many others have been saying the same thing but they are seen as “Fear Mongers”, Seditious, and…