Did Putin Help Trump

NY Times News reports today that the email dump on Friday that embarrassed Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz might have come from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.  Is Putin helping Donald Trump win the election?  That would be interesting and begs the question “WHY?” would Putin want Hillary to lose and Trump win.  I will let you answer that question for yourself, but I think the answer is obvious.

Reportedly, the Chairwoman’s emails indicate that Democratic Leadership had something to do with discrediting Bernie Sanders and led to Schultz’s  swift resignation announcement.  In addition, she had to step down from covering the Democratic Convention because of the booing coming from the floor. It is satisfying to hear that, at least one of many, Democrat’s Dirty Tricks is being exposed.

NewsMax.com.…U.S. cybersecurity firms have found the DNC breach was done by the same Russian intelligence hackers they found lodged in sensitive government agency servers before, and though a direct trace back to anyone specific is nearly impossible, it’s enough to embolden claims of conspiracy theories from the left.

 “Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook took to the Sunday morning talk show circuit to claim the Russians are helping Donald Trump“. 

Between repeated “hits on Democrats, Trump’s public respect for Russia President Vladimir Putin, his anti-NATO remark last week, and campaign manager Paul Manafort’s ties to the former Russian-backed leader of Ukraine, there’s enough intrigue for a spy novel.” 

For sure, this will prove to be an interesting campaign. Determining what impact this news has on the Democratic Convention this week will be a “wait and see: situation. One thing is for sure, the news cannot help Hillary or Sanders supporters. It is a good thing that questions like this are being asked before this election.


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