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Most Americans believe Politicians (particularly those who want gun control) who think interfering with our ease in purchasing guns (particularly assault weapons) is the solution to preventing future mass attacks.  In other words,
the philosophy appears to be that guns are the problem and not those who buy the guns.  However, people like myself believe regulating guns instead of who we allow into this country is the best way to prevent more terrorist attacks.

Sunday’s Face the Nation talked to guests who have something to say on this topic.  Be sure to listen to Wayne LaPeirre and Dianne Feinstein…that is, if you don’t mind scarring the socks off you.


 Open: This is Face the Nation, June 19

Extended Interview: Donald Trump, June 19

An extended cut of an interview with the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump that aired on “Face the NationJune 19 …

Donald Trump said we need people to report suspicious activity they see and that we should use common sense in profiling Muslims to catch those at risk before they can buy weapons and commit a horrific act. Knowing the radical faction of Islam is a risk to our safety should be a reason to scrutinize a person more closely.

Full Interview: Attorney General Loretta Lynch, June 19

Attorney General Loretta Lynch joins John Dickerson on the set of “Face the Nation” to discuss the investigation into the Orlando …

U.S. Attorney General Lorretta Lynch.  She said that once a person gets on our radar, we need to get them on a “no fly list” and make sure we have the tools to prevent gun purchases.

Full Interview: NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre, June 19

Executive Vice President and CEO of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre sits down with John Dickerson in studio to …

Executive Vice President and CEO of National Rifle Association (NRA) Wayne LaPierre said, “We faced a terrorist challenge where they’re on the verge of overwhelming us. What happened this past week is the the President, the whole gun-ban movement  said hey, don’t look at terrorists…look over here…divert your attention, take your eyes off the problem because they don’t want to face the embarrassment of their failure in this terrorist area and they want to cover their butts and not talk about it. Ya can’t save the country with politics.  The “politically correct policy” of the White House  are intruding right now in military, terrorism, law enforcement.  It’s all being politicized with the “Politically Correct White House” nose and fingers in areas they don’t belong.  Now let’s start with the terrorist watch list.”

When asked if he and Donald Trump are in the same place on this issue, LaPierre said: “As far as I know, he wants to attack criminals, he wants to protect the law abiding, and he wants to attack ISIS and get the bad guys.”  He went on to explain that if law enforcement would not have taken the shooter in the Orlando shooting off the watch list, there would have been a ping going to the Federal Government.  They would have talked to the guy but actually put his name on the list.  There would have been a three-day delay on purchasing the gun.  During that delay, if the government wanted to stop it, they could go to court and thy could stop it.  What does law enforcement want to do 90% of the time (99% of the time) is let it go through?  They want to watch it. They want to build a case.  FBI Dirctor Comey said, “he didn’t want an outright ban because that would blow a lot of their criminal investigation.

The answer is “The Cornyn Bill”, which does exactly what law enforcement set up; it codifies the whole thing.  If somebody is on the list and tries to buy a gun, there’s a delay, law enforcement gets immediately on it, they want to stop it, goes to a judge, they’ve got over-sight, they have to do it right away because the minute you delay you’re tipping off the bad guy.  It produces “due process” for the good people and it gives law enforcement the ability to conduct the investigation and it won’t blow what they’re doing.

When asked why people want to see something done about assault weapons that can shoot so many rounds, LaPierre said:  “John, I think we need to look right in the face of what these people are that we’re facing.  They don’t care about the law.  Laws didn’t stop them in Boston, laws didn’t stop them in San Bernadino (where they had every type of gun control law you could have), and they didn’t stop them in Paris where people can’t even own guns. They had fully automatic guns, they had ICD’s, they had explosives.  These bad guys we’re facing don’t say, “Oh gosh, they passed a law. Gosh, I don’t think I can do it.”  So what should we do?  The answer is to take them off the street, confront them directly, attack them.  That’s what we gotta do.

The fact is, “We need to face what’s coming.  They’re trying to kill us. They’re not going to attack hard targets, all our targets are protected by the government with guns.  They’re gonna go for vulnerabilities…they’re gonna go for shopping malls …they’re gonna go for churches.  What every place needs is a security plan that protects it.  The fact is we need  vigilance, we need preparedness, we need a full-court-press on personal protection. We need to protect ourselves. I don’t think you should have firearms where people are drinking, but I’ll tell ya this: everybody, every American needs to start having a security plan, we need to be able to protect ourselves because they’re coming. And they’re gonna go for vulnerable spots and this country needs to realize it.

When asked what does that mean, having a security plan? Should everybody get a semi-automatic or should we lift the limits against automatic? LaPierre said, ” I think that we’re talking about that law-abiding people need to be able to own firearms to protect themselves.  I think we need national carry reciprocity. I think every school needs a protection plan with either a police officer or a certified armed security.  We need to look at all our vulnerabilities because they’re coming and they’re going to try to kill us and we need to be prepared. And this President, by diverting the attention to gun control movement, is not going to solve the problem.  THEY COULD CARE LESS….Let’s get the bad guys off the street, attack the terrorist, and leave the good guys alone.

Full Interview: Sen.Dianne Feinstein on “Face the Nation” | June 19, 2016

Dianne Feinstein. Intelligence Committee Vice Chair was asked if the FBI’s way of just watching a person of interest instead of putting him/her on  a watch list is right.  Feinstein said, “We have worked with the Justice Department in drafting this legislation, and the Justice Department has sent a letter supporting it and said it gives them a new tool.

I do not believe Mr. LaPierre is correct on this, but let me say this John: this is really a national security issue. It isn’t a gun control issue.  Let me explain why.  The FBI has about a thousand ongoing investigations.  “John Brennan told the intelligence committee on Thursday in open hearing that ISSL is actively pursuing operations to commit attacks in the West and bring people into western countries whether it’s through immigration, whether it’s over the border, or in any other way. “

The fact of the matter is, it’s well known that any terrorist can come into this country, they do not, they are not on the “nix” list which is the data base of ten situations where you can deny a gun, they’re not there and therefore buy a gun legally in this country.  What this legislation does, is give the Attorney General the authority that if there is reasonable suspicion that the person, when they do the background check, is a potential terrorist the gun sale can be denied.  It also has an appeal process, an administrative appeal process, as well as a legal process. “

When John asked, “So that law though, in this case, Omar Mateen wasn’t on any list when the purchase was made.”  Feinstein responded by saying, “Omar Mateen would have been picked up by this.  Senators Leahy and Nelson gave us an addition that was helpful because he was under investigation there’s a part of our bill that would cover him as well.

“If you consider the fact that over 500 arrests and convictions for  providing material support or conspiring or one of these things has occurred,  you know that these things are going on.  And the only way we have of stopping them is good intelligence plus a kind of net that will pick up foreigners on the watch list, and this is important, 99.9% are foreign.

 Watch for a report I am working on in the next day or two about what ISIS(L) IS PLANNING for Western Nations that will truly test your faith in government protecting us and challenge your attitude toward guns and owning guns.

When LaPeirre said Americans need to prepare and have a plan, he isn’t kidding.  You MUST take some time and make real preparations for the safety of your family and for being able to function in a nation without income and access to basic necessities.  These topics are the focus for the next several posts.

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