Republican Party Clueless

 They just don’t get it!

The main reason there’s even a “Trump Problem” for the Republican Party is the Republican Party itself. The Party is so far removed from the voice of the American People that there’s no tolerance left for their rhetoric anymore.

I have not been writing much the past year because I have had major health issues.  Nevertheless, some things just have to be addressed and Trump is one of them.  The whole reason the Republican Party has a Trump problem is because they are not listening to the people they are supposed to represent.

Is Trump the answer to our problems?  I say NO but the Republican Party is certainly NOT the answer either.  They just don’t get that the people are rebelling against the party the way it is because there is not much distinction between the two parties any more.  

The TEA Party movement grew out of a movement to reform the Republican Party but the Party is not wanting to move enough to suit the people so along comes TRUMP and the people gravitate to him because their own party won’t listen.

The problem is that die-hard Republicans don’t realize that the whole reason Trump gains momentum is because of their own closed mindedness.  

What else is left for the American People but to vote for Trump when their own party has moved away from its core values as much as the Republican Party has?  A Third Party for the NO TRUMP people will just give away America’s Core to the Democrats.  

The way I see things, the Republican Party better get their head screwed on straight and start being a republican…the way people have relied on for years.  Whining, complaining about Trump, and sticking to their policies will make America SUFFER in ways none of us want.

Please people, those of you who refuse to support Trump this election, remember this when you choose to NOT VOTE or to vote Third Party or Democrat. 

The following videos are enlightening: for more perspective on this topic, just click on these links.

Rep. Duffy on why congressmen are reluctant to support Trump




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