The Republican Party Just Doesn’t Get It

Did you hear Mitt Romney say last week that electing Donald Trump would be a disaster for America? He also said that Donald Trump is a CON ARTIST and isn’t telling the truth about many of the promises he has been making?

          Mr. Romney boldly tells the truth about Mr. Trump – The ……romneytells-the-…The Washington Post

                   6 days ago – Mitt Romney speaks about Donald Trump in Salt Lake City on Thursday. … Nevertheless, he was right to deliver his truth-telling message, and we hope …   Mr.Romney started by pointing out that Mr. Trump is not the “genius” …

          Donald Trump’s file | PolitiFact  Trump’s statements were awarded PolitiFact’s 2015 Lie of the Year. … Mitt RomneySays Donald Trump has written 10 checks to Hillary Clinton “and four of those checks were not to her Senate campaign. … Find out which politicians and pundits are telling the truth, which ones are stretching it, and which ones are making …

The Republican Party says that Trump cannot win and plans to take the delegates and divide them according to the Primary Vote Allocation Rule.

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It’s the Delegate Count, Stupid! GOP’s Tricky Primary Vote Allocation Rules Mean “Get Down to Three or Trump’s Home Free”

…the Republicans moved, prior to this year, to restrict the number of debates among announced candidates, working with broadcasters and cable companies to weed out gradually the weaker-polling candidates, with the intent of bringing the contest down to a manageable number of candidates at an early point and getting a clear winner by April.

To get to a majority for one candidate early enough to prepare for a smooth campaign takeoff–or even a head start on the Democrats–through to the summer convention and into the fall campaign, the Party establishment also worked with state Party officials to use the delegate allocation rules to force a selection of a winner in the March primary season, after the now traditional first two contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

This system, designed to keep pace with a presumed early wrap-up by Clinton and to help the “establishment” candidate, may now turn out to be something like a “doomsday machine” for GOP leaders who fear a Trump nomination.

The GOP’s state delegate allocation rules are set to speed along the process of getting one candidate to a majority in two ways. The first consists of dropping or adjusting the simple “proportional” allocation rule that awards first-ballot committed convention delegates to each candidate on the ballot based on his or her percentage share of the vote or caucus by adding a benchmark threshold percentage that a candidate must exceed to get any allocation at all. These thresholds vary from 5 percent to as high as 15-20 percent in various primaries, beginning with the “Super Tuesday” and SEC primaries on March 1 and continuing through that month and beyond. Republicans Discuss Brokered Convention as Trump Leads

The scenario was discussed by more than 20 party stalwarts at a Washington, DC, dinner held by the Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

Republican party officials are now actively preparing for the prospect of a contested convention in Cleveland as front-runner Donald Trump continues to draw strong support from the GOP base.

Should Trump continue to dominate the nomination race in the coming months and amass the required number of delegates to become the official Republican nominee, members of the establishment told the Post they would be forced to contest his nomination on the convention floor in Cleveland from July 18–21.

The good news for Trump: He is in a better position than any of his rivals. After the first 15 states of the 2016 campaign season, it looks like the best chance for Cruz, Rubio or any of the other candidates could be a contested national convention in July.

While not giving up on beating Trump before July, both the Cruz and Rubio camps concede that their best opportunity could come at a contested convention.

That happens only if no candidate wins a majority before then. Under such a scenario, delegates on the floor of the Cleveland convention would decide on their own whom to support in a series of floor votes.

Not since 1976 has that happened.

Some Republicans warn of dire consequences should the party go that route this year, especially if Trump has a commanding delegate lead.

“If the establishment thinks there’s a backlash now, wait until the guy with the most delegates gets to the convention and they decide to take it from him,” said GOP operative Hogan Gidley. “Then you’re going to see an all-out political jihad.”

The Republican campaign now enters a critical two-week stretch ahead of the March 15 primaries. These are the first primaries that can award all of a state’s delegates to the winner, and the two big prizes are Florida and Ohio. Florida has 99 delegates, Ohio 66.

Winning those states could bring Trump closer to locking things. But Florida is Rubio’s home state, and Ohio is home for John Kasich, the state’s governor.

“If Donald Trump wins the winner-take-all states, all bets are off. He’s going to be the nominee,” said Henry Barbour, a Republican National Committee member working on Rubio’s delegate strategy team.

Only nine states award delegates winner-take-all. Five more make it possible for one candidate to win all of the delegates, or at least a large majority. These states could take an outsized role in determining who wins the nomination.

BOTTOM LINE: The Republican Party says Trump cannot win–even though he currently has a commanding lead because of winning the state elections. If the Republican Party plans to divide delegates according to the “Primary Vote Allocation Rule”, and if Trump is NOT the Party’s choice because of rule manipulation, there will likely be a rebellion within the Republican Party.

If the Party thinks people will vote for the candidate they submit and if it’s not Trump (the one who supposedly won the most states) then they are making a huge mistake.  The American People are sick of things being the way they’ve always been.

The main reason Trump is doing well and has the appeal he does is because HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN! He does not represent the usual way of doing things in Washington or being POLITICALLY CORRECT. If the Party continues this way of thinking, then it seems likely Trump will go Independent and people will vote Independent instead of Republican.  Truly, this is promising to be a historic election with historic changes taking place.

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