What Is The Real Truth

Is this true?

Liberal Hate Klan Planning To REVOKE YOUR LIBERTY.
Are You Ready to Become Dependent On The State?

Get ready because if the Liberal Hate Klan is not stopped now will be far more reaching and destructive than all of Obama’s Muslim World Order combined. Here’s what it looks like:

  Phase 1 – Obama is elected and installs the final solution for America.

  Phase 2 – Obama successor finishes the job and revokes liberty.

  Phase 3 – National Globalist America exports National Globalism to the world for domination.

  Phase 4 – One World Globalist rule, liberty becomes antiquated.

 . . . . Quoted from a TeaParty.org email on May 24, 2015

Hate: race and class divisiveness

Patriotism: love for nation and do what it takes to protect her

Anti-american: the desire to ruin America and commit actions to bring about this reality.

  • Please consider what these words mean and how our present leaders in government have been using such tactics to take down FREE AMERICA.
  • Also, please consider how this will make AMERICA become much like other nations. around the world .
  • Now consider how this situation ushers in NWO (New World Order).

The Final Strike is Upon America Right NOW!

“Killing American exceptionalism is their only goal. It is the only way globalists can succeed at grabbing U.S. assets and installing the globalist agenda Obama started.

Their horrific plot is to increase the expansion of the Obama Plan to denigrate America and to bring America to her knees so the rest of the world can catch up, thus leveling the playing field making all nations the same.

Can you imagine being the SAME as those in Iraq and Iran and other countries that oppress their people?”   . . . . Quoted from a TeaParty.org email on May 24, 2015

Do you know what destruction is coming? You cannot help stop it if you do not know what to do and how to protect your loved ones.

Check this list to see how much as already been initiated or done.  I know that it is sickening to those of us who see it happening and know what it means.


Liberal’s Hate Check List

  • Insight riots in major cities making police the American Gestapo
  • Absolute gun control and confiscation Government expansion of Obamacare
  • Toppling of the 1 percent to redistribute everyone’s wealth
  • Retirement account seizing and redistribution
  • Demanding U.N forces patrol American streets
  • National Automobile registry so the government can track and own your car
  • Eradicate the Tea Party, Oath Keepers, NRA, and all Patriot organizations
  • Welcome ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Boko Haram, al-Qa’ida as displaced aliens
  • Force all US borders open and accessible to the world
  • Build additional 100,000 FEMA camps
  • Pass the Parent Child Reform Act – giving government ownership of children if parents are deemed unfit. (The government to define what ‘unfit’ means.)
  • Remove all religious referenced material from government and public forums

And that’s the short list!


Understand what’s next – New WORLD Order

New World Order will take form and a new term will emerge as a
definition of what truly is being planned: “National Globalism.”   Hearing these words should frighten you to the core! It means that EVERY NATION will keep its identity but will conform to the Globalist agenda.

  1. “Thus, their nationalism will be precast into a globalist mold, receiving
    assistance from the other members of the globalist nations. There will be a
    boycotting of those nations yet to join the globalist community. They will be
    deemed outcasts and made to feel like they are in the wrong.”  In other words, they will be bullied into joining a global society.
  2. “The New World order will be super imposed over the national frame work
    of each individual nation.”
  3. “Who will spear head the globalization of the world? America will under
    the corrupted hand of Barrack Hussein Obama will lead the charge after
    he leaves the Oval Office.”
  4. But…he won’t be alone. The next president, using the full force and power
    of the US government, will push for the National Globalist agenda, too.”  
    Can you see Hillary as President fulfilling this part of the plan?
  5. “Obama’s successor? Don’t be too sure Queen Bee Hillary will be the Democrats nomination for President. “
  6. “All of these candidates and people of power have sold out National Globalists. Fear them!!!”


  With everything I have I ask you to sign the Revoke Liberty Warning right away so we can get it into the hands of all 100 senators, 435 members of the House of Representatives and all 50 governors immediately.

The Tea Party, conservatives and freedom-loving Americans must be mentally, physically and financially prepared for the battle ahead and it’s going to take everything we have to brave this new domestic Cold War. Your Liberty will be revoked unless you act now.

What would America be like today had the Tea Party never happened?

If citizens stayed on the fat couch being fed poison dished out by the lame-stream media?

Where would America be now?

But here’s the thing…we are in grave DANGER!

Listen up. With the Liberal Hate Klan seething hatred for America there is no limit to what they could do!

Not only that but Obama will soon be out of office and be reassigned as Street General leading the attack! He couldn’t bring America down from the inside so all that is left is to bring America to her knees through direct conflict!

If you think it can’t happen then you are sadly mistaken. Either you’re drinking the Kool-aid or you just don’t understand the type of people the Tea Party has been fighting against!

Let me ask you this:

Why would liberals want Iran to have nuclear power but not America?

Why would the liberal hate klan demand to federalize local police and supply them with armored cars, fully automatic attack weapons and heavily armors troop transport vehicles?

Why would top democrats mandate disarming the local police?

Why would government departments demand public gun confiscation all the while ordering billions of hollow point man stopping bullets?

Because the liberal hate klan is planning to overthrow our beloved nation and replace it with a weak third world puppet, either through rigged elections or by force.

We must stop this at all costs! Can you help…please? I don’t beg but today I am begging you. I will do whatever I have to do make sure this vile hate-filled agenda be stopped.


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