Liberal Media Continues Cover Up

The liberal media continue to cover up every major problem with ObamaCare!

As of last week, the Media Research Center confirmed that the Big Three networks’ morning and evening newscasts had not covered an investigation by the Government Accountability Office (GOA) into sign-ups for ObamaCare.

According to a report in the Washington Post, undercover GAO investigators successfully signed up for ObamaCare using fake names.

This could have major repercussions for ObamaCare enrollment numbers and potentially result in massive amounts of fraud!

Of course, the liberal media in their perpetual quest to cover up the truth, ignored this scandal and promoted ObamaCare.

Instead of reporting this scandal, NBC’s Brian Williams touted a report praising the latest ObamaCare enrollment numbers!

This is flagrant liberal media bias out in the open for all to see. What will it take for the liberal media to report the truth instead of covering up for the Obama administration?

You can fight back against liberal media bias. Please sign our Tell The Truth 2014 petition and demand the liberal media stop distorting the news!

If we leave the liberal media alone, they will continue to cover up what’s really going on and promote their liberal allies in the White House and Congress.

Please forward this email to family and friends so they can stay informed about how the liberal media are trying to cover up another potential Obama scandal.

Then sign the Tell The Truth 2014 petition and let the liberal media know you demand honest news coverage without the leftist, pro-ObamaCare agenda!

The American people deserve better. They deserve the truth.

As always, thank you for taking this action on behalf of the Media Research Center.


The MRC Action team

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