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  1. Floyd Upperman
    Floyd Upperman at · ·

    Yes, I think its wise to own gold and silver today. The U.S. dollar has been circulating throughout the world for many generations. The supply of dollars has increased over time while its purchasing power has declined. At some point, we will reach “saturation”. We aren’t there yet, but in my opinion, we are headed in that direction.

    Due to trade imbalances, the U.S. exports $600b in dollars a quarter. This could exceed $1 trillion by 2014. In my opinion, the U.S. dollar is vulnerable. These next few years could prove to be very difficult for the U.S. dollar. As confidence in the dollar diminishes, its purchasing power diminishes further as well. We see the results of this today. For example, in 2000, a troy ounce of gold cost less than $300 U.S. Dollar. Today, Dec. 2010, a troy ounce of gold cost more than $1400 U.S. dollar!

    Floyd Upperman

  2. Keith Johnson
    Keith Johnson at · ·

    The United States dollar will never collapse for one single reason: the #1 consumer market in the world is the USA. If holders of U.S. debt like China had another market to embrace of similar proportions, then indeed the dollar should tremble with fear of its dissolution. However, this is not the case. In any case, it is always wise to diversify your portfolio. At bare minimum, have investments in at least three or four different forms, like U.S dollars, Europeans Euros, Japanese Yen, and one ounce pieces of gold. Still, the U.S. needs to immediately address its massive multi-trillion dollar national debt situation. I’d say the U.S. government has about ten years to fix this predicament. In ten years, the world economies will be almost totally virtual, and so a unified currency would serve better than any one national currency.

  3. Edward C. Noonan
    Edward C. Noonan at · ·

    The 3 conditions that you state that MUST be present before a Dollar collapse is the exact words found on a dozen other websites. Thus, this implies, NO ONE KNOWS, and they repeat and parrot the same words they heard somewhere else.

    Instead, I would like to see some honest research on what caused the collapse of other economies and how histroy is repeating itself… as it always does.

    The dollar once collapsed in 1776. See http://dollarcollapse.com/articles/hyperinflation-history-the-continental/

    The 3 items above do not seem to apply?

  4. Caryn Kehrly
    Caryn Kehrly at · ·

    Precious metals are an excellent investmest and are enjoyed by thousands, who collect them. In fact, there are more sales of gold and silver coins in the global market than in the sales of Microsoft products, The Music Industry, and The Movie Industry. Paper money may go down but gold and silver is stable and continues to rise in value. Hope this helps you. Caryn Kehrly

  5. Michae Simms
    Michae Simms at · ·

    So, should i protect myself by investing into precious metals?

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